Our Vision

Just imagine a place where people can learn about each other in peace. A place to discover each other’s differences and what makes each one of us unique.

People spend untold dollars traveling all over the world to experience other countries, other cultures, and faiths. Through the construction of the Our World Peace Park, people will be able to visit all of the countries of the world, taste their food, enjoy their ceremonies, touch their handicrafts, watch their artisans at work, and learn their beliefs, myths, legends, and their passion for life.

We hope to invite you to come and take a walk through Our World. All the countries currently comprising the planet earth will be invited to participate. We anticipate an educational opportunity - an experiential feast set in a peaceful environment where everyone can learn about their neighbors. 

Who We Are


Our World Peace Park is a non profit organization whose mission is to help people of all types overcome prejudice through education.

Our purpose is to educate the general public, so they can obtain an understanding of each other, in an effort to break down the barrier of fear that exists between people of different social, cultural, and economic origins.

Our goal is to construct a miniature world where people can take a walk through a representative presentation of every political, cultural, and religious group in the world, and learn about each other.